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"Milah increases activity in districts."

In order to reach all the vocal ensembles registered in the association, to return the ensembles that were members and retired and to add new ensembles,

Launches a project aimed at increasing activity in all parts of the country.



Strong on the locals who are well acquainted with the beam in their vicinity,
Know the population
  And aware of the benefits of the region and its limitations.

We therefore decided and reorganized the districts:

We established nine districts from the north of the country to the south,

At the head of each of them is a director, a member of one of the ensembles volunteers.

The division allows Mila and the ensembles mutual access and personal care.


Organizing and exchanging meetings

The role of the district manager is to unite and coordinate the compositions, each in his own district
And invite them to a meeting to coordinate expectations with
  The general manager of the association and with the chairman of the vehicle managers' committee.


Wrote:  Yigal Perry, Chairman of the Vehicle Drivers Committee


List of districts and their administrators

קישור למפת ההרכבים

רפי שפירא

גליל מזרחי ועמק החולה

שרה טל

גליל מערבי וקריות

אסנת שפיר

חיפה והכרמל

שרה רוט

שרון צפון

רונה ענבר

שרון דרום

יונה פדידה

גוש דן

נחמיה נבו


פרידה אלברנס ז"ל


צביה שרון ויעקב בונדה


ארז פריטל


For more details and ways of contacting, see the table of organizations in the association


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