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לוגו זמריה ברשת 2020

Singing on the Network 2020 - Broadcast program

Thursday 31/12/2020 from 18:00

Vocalocity - Conductor: Erez Tel
Loves to be home
Naim Obeid, CEO of A CAT - Interview and promotional film about A CAT
The Engagements - Conductor: Uzi Asner
The echo
An hour with Quinta and a half -
Interview with conductor and arranger Doron Ben Ami
And the band's director Yarden Cohen Brosh
Two roses
I peeled an orange
Diamonds on the Sky
Elton John string
A tribute to Kevin
She was jolie
The evolution of Israeli music
Shlomo Artzi evolution
Does not touch you
Days of quiet

Kibbutz Gevim - arranger and conductor: Yoni Shaham

Tea makes you dizzy

Zohir Bahlul, former MK - the singing instructor in Acre

From the program "This is it" - arranger and conductor Amir Lekner
As long as the
The President of the State, Boaz Sharabi and the ensembles of Adi Ron
I Wish - Arranged by: Yaron Bachar
Galron Ensemble - Conductor: Doron Ben Ami   
It only happened this time
Dominante Jerusalem Band - Conductors: Zvi Sharaf and Shimon Cohen
The land of my songs
on the verge

Rejoicing - Conductor: Boaz Kabilio

Great world

Avihail - Conductor: Boaz Kabilio

Everything is gold

Yuval Porat, CEO of the Acre Development Company - Interview

Gila's Gospel with Etty Curry -  Conductor: Joa Amir
She stood
Galron Singers -  Conductor: Avi Paintoch
Tango Kfar Saba -  Soloist Ronit Goldberg
Avi Paintoch, conductor and producer of the song  Interview
Carmel a-Kapela - Conductor: Shula Erez
I have no other country
Uncle Zeba and Symphonyte  Beer Sheva
20 year old love - with  Nathan Datner and Orit Wolf
The Seam Character Choir - arranger and conductor: Yossi Sidi
Songs so far

Wednesday 30/12/2020 from 18:00

Colette Avital, Chairman of the Association - Congratulations

Bartini Choir - Conductor: Ronen Borszewski

Queen Shabbat
Such a singer
A second bird

Naomi Paran, conductor and choir director of Moran - Interview

Moran Choirs - Conductors: Naomi Paran and Tom Karni

let it be
Night hymn
Night train to Cairo
Hello Hello
Rinat Choir -  Conductor: Gary Bartini
Ordered a narcotics
Dove ride
Dawn Choir - Conductor: Gila Brill

I love you

Psalms KJ

Ron Gang, Conductor and CEO of Milah - Interview

Voice of Ein Gedi - Conductor: Ron Gang
In the Dwarf State
Singleton -  Conductor: Ron Gang
Somewhere Only We Know
Chen Choir (Hulda Naan) - Conductor: Ron Gang
Smile and live

Hadas Sturman, winner - interview

The Nightingale Choir - Conductors: Hadas Sturman and Micha Sapir
My little one
Prayer for Israel

Jordan Valley Choir - Conductor: Hadas Sturman

Songs of the End of the Road

Masar Nazareth School Choir - Conductor: Hadas Sturman


Zuli Frank's time -

Conductor Zuli Frank talks about his musical work   
The Valleys Choirs, Noga Choir, Gitit Choir, Uriah Choir -  Savyon, Noam Choir, Yoav Choir.
Park on a window seat
Love of the world
Little foxes
Kwando Corpus
Walk to Caesarea
Go my uncle
La Rosa
Stab Mater
My tiny candles
Lawrence Hamisa, conductor of the Mi'ilya Choir - Interview

Miilya Choir - Conductor: Summer Bishara

On Stage project - choirs from Israel and Europe in the Tower of David, Jerusalem

Imagine  (John Lennon) - Adapted and conducted by Ron Gang

And in collaboration with Interkultur  Germany

Tuesday  29/12/2020 from 18:00

Shimon Lankri, Mayor of Acre - Congratulations to the singer

Vocalocity Choir - Conductor: Kevin Fox
Nowhere - Adapted by: Kevin Fox

Rabinim - Ginny and Eden Rabin win in a joint interview
Ginny Rabin's Ensemble and Rosh Tov

Made in Israel

One Way Ticket

Voices of Heaven

Living on a Prayer

Sabe Deus

Chamber Singers - Conductor: Avner Itai
Adorned with your forehead

Deer Resin's Hour with the Coral Ensemble
good people
Coffee for fun
Puncha Puncha
We were slaves with Let My People Go
The Dudas
if I forget
Tishrei song
Happy New Year
Eli you are
Umbrella in two
Those candles
Theme books
I will have more

Neve Shir Choir - Conductor: Anat Dor
Hadassah love

Shaul Gilad, Chairman of Hillel - Interview on the Union Choir
Union Choir

-  Conductors: Christian Lindberg and Ronen Borszewski
Cain fled

Conductor and laboratory Tami Caspi Eshel - Interview

Ramot Yavne -  Conductor: Tami Caspi Eshel
A lost legend
Tell him

Musical - Conductor: Tami Caspi Eshel
Free heart
Last Train to London

In another style - conductor: Yoni Shaham
Whoever sings

Jerusalem Levels - Conductor: Shai Ben Yaakov
Song of Degrees -  With Hanan Yuval 

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