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Abstract Surface

סיימון ברג (ברלין)


סנט קונראד (ברלין)




תמונת ההרכב

קישור לדף הפייסבוק של ההרכב



ערוץ היוטיוב של ההרכב

As the first gospel choir in the Archdiocese of Berlin – founded 25 years ago in the parish of St. Konrad in Schöneberg, a few young people met for weekly rehearsals under the direction of Johannes Hüttenmüller (*1967 - †2020). Only a cappella was sung with mostly their own arrangements.

Today, these tender beginnings have grown into a 50-member, non-profit association that has its home in the Evangelical Philippus Church in Berlin Friedenau. Much has changed since then – but what has remained is the joy of singing and praising God through our music with 8-part singing. The diverse repertoire ranges from pop classics to spirituals and gospel. "The message of the songs is a matter close to our hearts". The singers belong to different denominations.

Since summer 2022 under the new artistic direction of Simon Berg, conductor, singer and pianist. The choir is financed exclusively by membership fees and donations, concerts and private events.

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