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Establishment of MILA

The idea to establish MILA was born out of a reality that arose as a result of changes that took place in 1994 in the General Organization of Workers in Israel ("Histadrut") and a reorganization into "The New Histadrut".
Until then, there was a special section in the Histadrut that dealt with the affairs of the choirs and conductors
headed by the late Henry Klausner, and after his retirement, the late Rafi Pesachzon, Rafi Zelig and finally Aryeh Lebanon.

When the decision was made to close the section completely,  Several conductors - in consultation with Henry Klausner and Ofer Turiel (who was then the Inspector General of Music Education at the Ministry of Education) - launched an initiative for the establishment of an independent choir organization.

In the beginning, efforts were made to establish a joint organization for traditional choirs and classical choirs, but it is worth noting that the conductors from the classical field were not happy with the idea of sharing and preferred to establish a separate organization. It should be noted that the only person that was in favor of full cooperation was Naomi Faran,  Who was lonely with her support  The organization had a common roof and its power of influence was not great.

The conductors of the traditional choirs and singing groups had no choice, but to work for the establishment of a separate organization.

One of the most prominent who pushed for the establishment of the organization among this group of conductors was Doron Shenkar,  Who was also elected the first chairman of MILA in the class  Founding of the association in 1999.

At the beginning of the MILA Association, the chairman also served as CEO and so for its first ten years.

In 2009, it was decided to reorganize MILA and split the positions of chairman and CEO. New bylaws were established and an elected committee was established.

Doron Shenkar continued his activities as the association's general manager and Yair Klinger served as chairman, until his resignation and the election of Adv. Avi Friedman as his successor.

After a short period, Doron Shenkar also retired from his position as CEO, and Ron Gang was elected as his successor, who still fills the position today.

In 2015, with the retirement of Adv. Avi Friedman, Adv. Avi Sheinman was elected to the position.

In 2017, Adv. Avi Friedman was re-elected as chairman.

At the end of 2021, after Adv. Friedman withdrew his candidacy from the Board of Directors, the conductor Adi Ron was elected chairman.

Wrote (In 2016): Yair Klinger

Value and update: Erez Freetall

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