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Purpose of MILA / Why do we exist? - MILA leads and creates in Israel the vocal music culture; It is a warm, encouraging home and promotes its members while encouraging original creation; Preserves and renews  The Hebrew singer; A cultural and cultural bridge in the community and between Israel and the world; Is a source of inspiration for its members and all those involved in the field.

MILA's vision. Who do we want to be?
A national asset in the field of music culture recognized in the world; the largest and most influential umbrella organization in Israel w
hich includes most of the conductors and vocal ensembles; Creates, participates, organizes and produces events for the fulfillment of musical-cultural experiences, to all those who are engaged, lovers and lovers of vocal music; Create a future and marketing moves, all of which will "run" for a million.

MILA's future belongs to its members.

Main goals - preservation and renewal of Hebrew song while encouraging original Hebrew work. Promoting activities in the periphery. Lead and lead the music culture the vocals in Israel. The association produces hundreds of singing events for vocal ensembles, choirs and choirs around the country. The association has the best conductors and creators of Israel.

MILA core values -  Milah and its members represent Israel and the beautiful, cultural and musical Israeli in Israel and around the world and thus becomes a national asset; Mila's future belongs to its members, winners and volunteers; MILA cultivates the values of the spirit of volunteering, friendship, tolerance and love for others, responsibility and a sense of sharing, affiliation and leadership made possible by membership in the organization; MILA is proud of its volunteers and invests in them; MILA members are satisfied with the variety of activities, from the professional enrichment and the much value contribution they receive and give in the fields of vocal poetry; Mila, in collaboration with its members and volunteers, conducts the various voices for integration in wonderful harmony in Israel and around the world.

Brand name


The intention is to continue to use the name Mila, but the acronyms will be replaced from property content (Center for Choirs and Bands) to content that reflects the future we want for Mila. The change will take place in the future after approval and change in the bylaws and update by the Registrar of Associations: MILA - Israeli Center for Vocal Music Culture


One of Mila's goals in the new positioning and branding is to change the equation so that the new meaning of: I am a member of MILA = I belong, MILA is my voice.


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