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Marketing strategy

The work done by the marketing steering team, pointed out four strategic marketing / operational directions for the growth of the word: strategic partners;

Value innovation within Mila; Value innovation in national activity; Focus on action in Mila districts.

Strategic partners

During the end of 2015, MILA reached strategic understandings and partnerships:

  • With the "Symphony" music venue in Rosh HaAyin.

  • Rimon High School of Music.

  • With the IDF Retirement Organization "Staff".

At the beginning of 2016 - with the Sharon district in the "team" and starting a pilot with the "team" branch in Kfar Saba in front of the Sharon district of MILA.

Planned to continue: (1) with a "member" of the consumer and leisure organization of permanent employees and retirees (2) with other leading organizations / with determinants /

Opinion leaders for the purpose of obtaining / increasing budgets for support / assistance and strategic cooperation.

Value innovation strategy

Within MILA

Internal value innovation includes seminars, workshops, master classes with international artists, performances and performances, ensemble meetings and more.

During 2015 (1), two successful professional seminars were held for about 60 vehicle managers / members of the vehicle committees on weekends

At the Eden Hotel in Zichron Yaacov on issues of empowerment and vision, leadership management and more (2), an exposure lecture was held for professional seminars for about 21 conductors.

Planned / in stages of execution  

  • Conductors - An active conductors committee and the initiation of relevant content and a continuing education / enrichment program.

  • Vehicle Committees - Continued activity, as determined by the Vehicle Drivers Committee.

  • Volunteers - a professional seminar.

  • Continue project activity  The gospel.

  • Continuation of Vocalocity project activities.

  • Vocal Music School - Continued operation of existing infrastructure through master classes, dedicated meetings and more.

  • In addition, regular meetings and visits are held by the MILA management and members of the board of directors in MILA activities and with MILA members.


At the national level and in the trend to become a national asset

As part of turning MILA into a world-recognized national asset, we are committed to activity at the national level. Among other things, MILA has initiated and is leading a national initiative

"Hebrew Singing Week / Holiday" for implementation in June 2017. Purpose: Integration of the singer within the Hebrew Book Holiday.

At the beginning of 12/2015, an appeal was made to the Minister of Culture and Sports, Miri Regev. Under her guidance, at the end of 1/2016, a meeting with the head of the director of culture, Galit Wahba Shasho and head of community culture, Mazal Simon, and receiving support and a "spirit of support" for implementation in the Galilee communities.

  • On March 9, 2016, a meeting was held to initiate a pilot project "The Festival of Singing and the Hebrew Book" in the Galilee at the Galilee Development Authority with representatives of the Western and Eastern Galilee Cluster and a representative of the Maalot Community Center.

  • A marketing flyer was prepared as a tool to promote the initiative and to create a new concept and a clear opportunity for the new initiative for everyone who reads it within a million words and are relevant to external factors. It is intended for distribution among decision-makers in local authorities and councils and among the organization of directors of national cultural departments and among opinion leaders and opinion makers. The flyer will also be distributed within a mile at the district level, to the board member, volunteers and other relevant parties.
    The flyer is designed to pomote the initiative in clear language with the marketing concept including the features of the venture, its values and benefits, characteristics of collaboration with the authority / local council  And examples of the integration of Hebrew songwriters, an update on "Ruach Gabit" and support from the Ministry of Culture and Sports,

     How much does it cost and how will it be done, why Milah and the Milah Association.

  • The intention is to be assisted by the support budgets of the Ministry of Culture and Sports through a new regulation.

  • Planned - he intends to contact the chairman of Mifal Hapayis regarding the above-mentioned initiative and other initiatives; Initiate more meetings with relevant bodies / organizations.


District Focus Action Strategy

  • We started a pilot-based activity in nine districts led by Yigal Perry, chairman of the Choirs Managers Committee.

  • On 1/2016 A constituent meeting was held to establish the districts and carry out a pilot, and a team of 9 appointed districts was appointed.
    As stated, a strategic partnership was established with the Sharon District in the "Team" organization and a pilot agreement was reached with the "Team" Kfar Saba branch.

  • The Northern District will hold a pilot for Hebrew Song and Book Week in collaboration with the Galilee Development Authority, the Western Galilee Cluster and the Eastern Galilee Cluster, and directly with the authorities.

  • Planned - In coordination with the Chairman of the Vehicle Drivers' Committee, each district will formulate a work plan for itself, including organizing lists and contact and a first district conference within a few months.

Positioning and branding

  • MILA continues to publish, share and document the mission and vision, marketing strategy and values chosen to position and brand MILA in accordance with the above directions, Including the launch of this new website and advertising on the site.

  • In planning - positioning, branding  And new branding values. Documentation of major events.

  • The activities, shows and new initiatives are published and publicized - MILA magazine, newsletter, new website, direct mail, national media.


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